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About us

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AkvaRiga was registered in the year 2020 with the goal to become the first humane aquarium in the world- an aquatic animal sanctuary
Our goals include :
*To provide good and enrichment full homes for abandoned aquatic pets
*Provide consultation for general aquatic pet care
*Create educational materials- Brochures, videos

*Periodically organize cleanup events near bodies of water 

We accept - 
Freshwater  : Store bought Fish, Reptiles, Amphibians, Crustacians and others 

Meet the Shrimps!

Meet AkvaRiga hard-working cleanup crew


Chairperson of the Board

Edvards Siliņš

The underwater world has always been close to my heart - from spending the summers at the beach, scuba diving, swimming or even enjoying music inspired by it. (Specificaly Yasunori Mitsudas work) The aquatic world fill my heart with joy! Finishing OMTK biotechnologies assistant degree I went on to pursue my career in biology. Where I quickly understood that individual care for animals was a higher priority for me than anything else and seeing how many aquatic pets are mistreated, abandoned or given away to petshops that don't know how to care for them I knew I had to help. So the idea of AkvaRiga slowly took shape. From one turtle found trown out in a park to now a sanctuary for various aquatic animals. 


Chairperson of the Board

Kristiāna Ozoliņa

Sustainability / Animal rights / caring for the environment are all values I stand for. In Akvariga i work as a support person, creating media for our social networks. My goals are to provide information and change popular misinformation about aquatic animals 

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Agate Auzāne

Microbes are essential for functioning of an aquarium – they process waste and provide safe environment for aquatic animals. They also directly affect health of aquatic animals and sometimes cause diseases. I am a microbiologist and in AkvaRiga I consult about all microbe and science related topics. I obtained my microbiology master’s degree in University of Copenhagen and I am currently doing my doctoral studies in University of Helsinki. Nature has captivated me since childhood, especially because of my grandparents. My grandfather was a biologist and as a child I spent many days in gardens that both of my grandparents kept. On my 10th birthday my grandparents gave me my first aquarium. Since then I have always had aquatic pets. Hence in addition to my formal biology education, I also have extensive practical experience in keeping aquariums and aquatic animals.

Our Friends

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Latvija, Rīga
Viskaļu iela 36a


Biedrība ''Akvarīga''
Reģ nr. 40008298949
Banka: A/S Swedbank
konts: LV05HABA0551048996858
Paypal :

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