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Rescue stories

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AkvaRiga provides homes for various freshwater aquatic animals
Animals are given to us for various reasons:


  • Moving

  • The owner isn't physically able to take care of them

  • The store where the animal was sold provided inadequate information about the proper care required when purchasing the animal. Resulting in issues taking care of it after finding out what the animal really needs

  • The animal has been found thrown out / left in a container in a public place 

  • The animal was passed on to a relative or friend who cant take care of it after the original owner has passed away

We provide homes for hundreds of aquatic animals and all of them have their own stories of how they got here personalities, and experiences 

For a better understanding here are some examples of a few of our rescues

AkvaRiga first rescue

In 2018 Troy was found trown out in a park (Tornukalns) They were found scared and with a cold - Akvariga chair Edvard coursemates. The turtle was given to him. A makeshift temporary enclosure was made with a large bowl and a wall made out of pencils and plastic wrap, so they won't get out for the nights until an aquarium would be acquired. This enclosure was reminiscent of a fort with something dangerous and loud hidden within! And that inspired the word Troy in honor of the Trojan horse where something dangerous and loud was hidden.
Within a week Troy got her needed 300 Liter aquarium and within a month they also got a basking area and lighting

After an antibiotic course, they gradually adapted to a proper diet and people.

In 2020 Troy became the first AkvaRiga official rescue and now (2022) Troy meets every guest as the first animal you meet entering the sanctuary/aquarium

Cesar came to us in the spring of 2020. He's a Mississippi map turtle who has had 4 owners in the last 10 years, before finding us. Sadly in this time he's damaged one of his eyes and deformed his jaw (either due to physical trauma or even due to improper UVB lighting ). As well as develop a fear of humans going as far as ramming into objects trying to escape the area when a person enters it. Only after a year of rehabilitation, he can calmly stay in a room with humans without panicking. 

After his physical and mental health stabilized we started to search for possibilities to fix his jaw (Not an easy thing to find in Latvia) Luckily our search was successful and we soon found a vet who was up for the operation and we could start seeking donations for it. (300+Euros) Within 2 days we collected the fund's thanks to the loving and generous people who support us! 
The surgery was delayed for a couple of months due to issues with importing the proper material needed for the prosthesis. Thankfully we were approached by a very supportive vet (Jana Tipovska) who helped import it!

The surgery was a success and the acrylic prosthesis was taken off after some time. Cezar now can eat normally and has no more discomfort and doesn't try to relocate the jaw inwards himself because of it.


Papagailis (Parrot)

A blood parrot cichlid named ''Papagailis'' came to us in a very critical condition. He had holes in his head - from parasites that developed so far he was almost fully black(due to stress) and was spasming!
Living with almost 10 other cichlids in a very small aquarium with low temperatures and high amonia levels - Papagailis was the only fish who survived there. Only after all of them died the fish was brought to us. As soon as the owner contacted us we took her in and began threatening her in one of our quarantine tanks. 

Papagailis was treated a whole year with daily 100% water changes , heavy medication and fatty foods. We placed very little hopes for a recovery and knew any day could be her last. But we didnt give up and our hard work payed off! 
She regained her Bright orange colour, healed her scards and now greets us with her beautiful smile!

At the moment (04.23) She is living seperately, because even if her wounds have healed theres a chance that other stressed fish or causign her to be relocated in a stressful enviroment could cause the symptoms/parasites to reappear or latch onto others. 
However she is not lonely, because we actively play with her and she is entertained by watching the aquarium next to hers. <3

Cichlid trio ''Zelts'', ''Sudrabs''and ''Bronza''
or''Gold'',''Silver'' nad ''Bronze''

The trio came to us in a small bucket with 3 other similar cichlids. Sadly they were heavily poisoned with ammonia and their gills were all dark purple. An aquarium cleaner brought them to us because the owner of the aquarium irresponsibly bought them thinking they could live with small peaceful fish such as Neon tetras (that were already in the owner's aquarium) We don't know if the fish were poisoned due to living in a bucket for an unknown time or due to store having terrible living conditions. Either way, we gave them homes and started to threat them for ammonia poisoning. Sadly only 3 of 6 survived.

At the moment (04.23) the fish trio are living in a large 300L aquarium with a phantom catfish and are feeling very good. Despite them hiding from people due to their shy nature it doesn't take long for them to come out and check whos visiting them due to their curios personalities.


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